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One of Cali Pro Locksmith principals is get to your desired location on time because we understand how important time can be to residents, especially in the dense and fast paced life of California.


Cali Pro Locksmith believes that when it comes to locks or keys then quality is always better than quantity.


We always learn from problems and mistakes and anything that might help us in the future, we also believe that we need to keep teaching the younger generation that join our business the rich knowledge we gathers with years passed.

Residential locksmith la

Residential Locksmith Los-Angeles CA

Accidents happen and forgetting or misplacing your keys happens to all of us. Don’t let it be a problem, call Cali Pro Locksmith Los Angeles and get the best residential locksmith Los-Angeles service in your area. From lockouts to combination door locks, our residential locksmith Los-Angeles does it all, even the most advanced locksmith technology and techniques which many other mobile locksmith Los-Angeles are not able to complete. Safety is important to us.

Cali Pro Locksmith Protects Your Home

When you need a new lock and key system for your home, count on the team with over forty years’ experience installing, repairing, and replacing locks. We also help when you lose your safe or vault keys and need to get access to your valuables. You can even come to us when you need new keys made for your existing system. Call us today to begin your consultation and then receive a free estimate for our residential locksmith Los-Angeles services. Working with us ensures you get access to the best and most modern systems in the industry. Our licensed, bonded, and insured smiths get to work swiftly to give you a sense of security. Your safety is our number one priority.

High Security Solutions by Cali Pro Locksmith

Here at Cali Pro Locksmith Los Angeles we understand the importance of keeping your home and loved ones safe from unwanted guests. That is why we offer an entire line of high security locks to ensure that you can rest easy at night knowing that your home is just as secure as Fort Knox. Our high security, residential locksmith Los-Angeles specialists come equipped to your location with a myriad of locks boasting state-of-the-art security features as well as unique finishes and designs to keep your home both safe and stylish. Regardless of when you decide it's time to upgrade the security of your locks, with our availability, you'll never be left waiting to feel safe at home.

commercial locksmith la

Commercial Locksmith Los-Angeles CA

Protecting yourself from all types of loss is extremely important as a business owner. Whether it is from internal or external forces it is important for business owners to arm themselves before a loss or theft occurs. By contacting a commercial locksmith from Cali Pro Locksmith Los Angeles you can help to protect yourself from burglary and thefts that could occur from outside individuals or employees. With a range of services to offer our commercial locksmith is a great resource to pull from when attempting to upgrade your commercial security. All day and night our technicians are ready to assist business owners with service that fits perfectly into a busy business owner’s schedule.

Local Commercial Locksmith Services

Upgrading your commercial security now can help you to save a lot of money in the long run by preventing unforeseen losses. With a range of services at varying prices our commercial locksmith Los-Angeles CA is sure to find the protection that can fit to your business’s budget. With years of training and experience our locksmiths have seen just about every way that a burglar can attempt to compromise your security. Having one of our commercial locksmiths complete a diagnostic check of your business’s security can help to identify weaknesses that burglars and thieves may try to take advantage of. Using this information our technician can devise security upgrades that will be able to strengthen any weak spots and prevent burglaries and thefts from occurring.

A commercial locksmith from Cali Pro Locksmith Los Angeles can use their diagnostic check to set out a range of security plans that vary in costs so that the business owner can make an informed security decision. Some of the services which may be recommended by our commercial locksmith Los-Angeles CA include, but are not limited to, closed circuit television (CCTV), re-key or high security lock installation. Closed circuit television acts as a business owner’s constant eye in the sky, looking after the business location even when no one is around. By having security cameras on location you can not only identify burglars or thieves after they strike, but also deter them from striking your business in the first place. Re-keying is an effective service to use that is also economical. Re-keying is an ideal locksmith Los-Angeles CA service for a business which had recent employee turnover. Our commercial locksmith Los-Angeles CA can adjust the lock cylinders of your business so that all previous versions of the key are no longer effective, ensuring that no former employees have secure access. In addition to increasing your security re-keying your locks can also offer convenience when a master key system is installed, make sure to inquire about a master key system with our commercial locksmith Los-Angeles CA.

automotive locksmith la

Automotive Locksmith Los-Angeles CA

There's nothing more depressing than being locked out of your car so when you can’t seem to get in, know the locksmith professionals you can call in California. Cali Pro Locksmith LA keeps up with the constantly improving security technology installed on most vehicles for more than 12 years and we keep going strong, therefore our locksmiths in Cali Pro Locksmith are equipped with top of the line machinery for cutting keys, and high end programming equipment, so that we can get you back on the road as fast as possible.

We know that waiting for the dealer to replace your keys can be time consuming and expensive but Cali Pro Locksmith LA will have your car unlocked as fast as possible with no damages, so that you can go on with your day without any more interruptions and even with new keys if its needed.
Cali Pro will provide you with friendly locksmiths that will get the job done quick, efficient, clean and fairly priced.

emergency locksmith la

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith LA

When you are locked out of your house/car you need help in a hurry. A 24 hour locksmith Los-Angeles CA can help you to get back into your house or your car quickly. 24/7 locksmith Cali is available to help when you really need it. It can be very frustrating when you get to the door of your house or your car and realize that your keys are nowhere in sight.

It happens to more people than you think. In many cases when it is a car lock out, the keys are right there sitting on the driver's seat. It can be really frustrating to know that the only thing between you and getting back in that car is a sheet of glass, but don't do it! Don't bust out your window or stand there with a hangar for an hour when you can get a 24/7 locksmith right to wherever you are to get into your car for you!

24/7 Locksmith is Available To Help Whenever You Needed

When you are locked out of your car or your house it can be easy to make some very bad choices. Today's cars are highly secure. Trying to get into the car can set off the alarm which of course will drain the battery, but that is not the only damage that you can do.

You can do some very costly damage trying to get into your car, which is unnecessary because you can easily pick up the phone and call a 24hr locksmith that can get you right back in your car without any damage at all. The same goes for your house. If you have been inadvertently locked out of your house you do not have to take steps that may damage your property! You can easily get the help you need any time of the day or night and keep from causing damage to your property.

Why We’re The Best

Remember, Cali Pro Locksmith Los Angeless specialists are standing by to help you with anything from being locked out of your home or car to making life-altering security decisions about how you want your family, vehicle, or business protected. Whether it’s 7am in the morning, or 3am at night (depending on your lifestyle), we will help and assist you with any and all lock and key problems you may be having. In our experience at Cali Pro Locksmith Los Angeles, we have seen nearly every situation out there, so we can promise you that an expert will be able to help you and be there in as soon as possible.

So, stop worrying and give us a call. End the stress and find your piece of mind with Cali Pro Locksmith LA

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